To be led and to lead. 

Speakers to Listen to

Apologetics (Defense of the Faith):

Practical and / or Funny:


Books You Should Read (to Start)

  1. Mere Christianity, CS Lewis
  2. The Reason for GodTim Keller
  3. Not a FanKyle Idleman
  4. Jesus > ReligionJefferson Bethke

Other Recommendations

  1. A Study Bible: I recommend NIV Zondervan Study Bible, The ESV Study Bible, Life Application Study Bible
  2. Read Scripture: An app for reading the Bible daily
  3. Ask Pastor John: A daily podcast app that answers common questions 
  4. 7 Minute Prayer: An app to help you get in the habit of regular prayer 

Sections of the Bible Everyone Should Know

Old Testament

  1. Genesis 1-3: The beginning of the universe, the creation of humanity in the image of God, and their fall into sin.
  2. Genesis 12-15The call of Abram from the land of Ur to Canaan, to begin the plan of God to redeem humanity. 
  3. Exodus 20Abraham's descendants, the people of Israel, were rescued by God from slavery in Egypt through Moses. God makes a covenant (agreement) with the people. 
  4. Joshua 24: Joshua, Moses' successor, renews the covenant with Israel. God promises to bless them if they obey but bring disaster if they disobey. 
  5. 2 Chronicles 36Israel constantly disobeys and God brings the Babylonians to conquer Israel. Israel is exiled but soon returns back to their land. 
  6. Psalm 23A psalm by David about God as a caring and faithful Shepherd. 
  7. Isaiah 53A prophecy about God's promised Messiah who will finally rescue humanity from sin.


New Testament

  1. Matthew 5-7Jesus' famous Sermon on the Mount that taught the new upside-down teachings of the Kingdom of God. 
  2. Luke 1-2The birth of the promised Messiah. 
  3. John 1-3The Messiah is God and how grace and love was the reason for his coming. 
  4. John 18-20The arrest, trial, crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus.
  5. Acts 1-2The birth of the Church, its mission to preach the Good News, and the power of the Holy Spirit. 
  6. Romans 1-3Humanity's sin, God's righteousness and the Gospel.
  7. Romans 6-8: After having faith in Jesus, we have a new life and a new hope.
  8. 1 Corinthians 13: We are called to the way of love towards others.
  9. Hebrews 11-12: The meaning and example of faith, and the call to endurance.
  10. Revelation 21-22: John's vision of the promised new heavens and the new earth.